Saturday, February 26, 2011

Boy, Am I ever Lazy!!

I did not realize that it had been so long since my last update!! It has been very quiet with little to really tell until yesterday.

We visited Verizon to check on getting a phone upgrade. We came away with a new phone for me, an iPad for Charley and the new MyFi that Verizon now has. Now we have to figure out how to use it all. The MyFi we do not have yet, it is having to be shipped to us.

We did get started on setting up everything yesterday. My phone is now functioning as a phone but I still have to sit down and see what all it can do and download the apps that we will need. I did log on to the internet and it works, I do know that.

We will be working on the iPad more today to get it all set up. We will let you know what we think after we know what we think!! Laughing out loud

Last night we went out for more seafood at Peck’s Old Port Cove. It was delicious!! We may have to go back again before we leave the middle of March.

Going to breakfast this morning with the Boldt’s. Looking forward to that!

More later!!


  1. Oh boy all those new electronic devices... what fun learning how to work them all. Glad you guys are doing well!!!
    Have fun & travel safe

  2. it is all a learning curve!..have fun with your new 'toys'