Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Relaxing, Cooking Free Day!!

We had a very nice breakfast at the campground activity center this morning! Bacon, eggs, hash browns, country fried potatoes, grits, fruit, and sausage gravy with biscuits, orange juice and coffee. Quite a spread, huh?? And it was delicious!!

While we were talking with Jeff and Barbie Boldt during breakfast we all decided that we would go out to dinner tonight. Jeff and Barbie are going to choose where since they are familiar with the area and the restaurants that are best. They will be taking us out in the new truck they just got on Thursday of this week.

So, see, we managed to not have to cook today!! And we are looking forward to trying another good eating establishment!!

This afternoon Charley watched the Daytona race and I just played on the computer and read a book. A nice, relaxing day!!

We will be going to check out the nearby beaches in the next couple of days. Cannot wait to see the Gulf again.