Monday, February 14, 2011

Rock Crusher Canyon

We successfully moved to Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park today. Arrived about 11:30 and after being escorted in a golf cart to pick out our site we got all set up and ready to stay for a month. And, boy, are we loving that automatic satellite dish!! It is wonderful!

Although we have only been here a few hours, we already know that we like this park. The sites are large, level and quite private. We have some sun and some shade, always a nice combination.

Since I was unsuccessful in attaching the video to my last update I am going to try to attach the one where the lady is playing the dulcimer so that you can at least see that. If I can I will attach another one. For those of you who are Escapees members, if you have never stayed at Sumter Oaks, you should give it a try.


  1. Welcome to the neighborhood! We just got back home here at 6:30. We're on site 157- we'll try to find ya tomorrow morn. What site are you on? FYI, don't seem to be able to link to the dulcimer video.

  2. You may like it now, but just wait until they start the rock crusher! Cheyenne probably won't like that!

    By the way, what do you need to show in order to camp in the military campgrounds? I was in the Oregon National Guard and the Army Reserve for over 10 years, but honorably discharged, not retired.

  3. I tried again to upload the dulcimer video with no luck. Not sure if it is too large or what. Sorry!!

  4. Russ - Charley only has a military ID that he received when he retired from the National Guard. That is all you need to be able to stay at the military campgrounds.