Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Road Trip Today

We decided this morning to go for a drive and see if we could find a gulf beach (finally!!). Well, we did see salt water but it wasn’t exactly as we had pictured it. It was more like a bay or harbor, with a sandy beach but no real waves. It was called Fort Island Trail Park and was very pretty. The only bad thing that we noticed was that they did not allow pets on their grounds!!

We will try again later, go in a slightly different direction and see what we can find. We are very anxious to see how Cheyenne will react to the waves!

On our return trip we stopped at the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park and checked it out. Very nice park with lots of animals, including the manatee. We saw a panther, a hippopotamus, a fox, a black bear, wolves, alligators, etc. and many, many different types of birds. They have a very nice setup there with well positioned walkways for viewing the animals.

All in all a fun day and not a long one. We were only gone about three hours.

Below are a few pictures you may find interesting.

Fort Island Trail Park

Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park

The hippopotamus – he was swimming and would not stay up for a good picture!

Very large gator!!


Beautiful bald eagle – they had a US flag on display in this section.

The manatee – unable to get a good picture!!

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  1. You really did do an awful lot in a short time frame.We haven't been to the wildlife park in a few years-about time for us to check it out again.