Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cheyenne is better

The medicines that the vet gave us yesterday for Cheyenne are clearing up her allergic reaction to whatever it was?? We cannot imagine what it was unless it is some type of fungus in the grass due to the heavy watering they do in this campground. It is pretty soggy every morning (they water at night). But, thankfully, it is beginning to clear up. Thank you so much to those who expressed their concern about her well-being. She appreciates it.... :-) and so do we!!

Today, since we did not want to leave Cheyenne alone until after we knew for sure she was going to be okay, we took a ride out to the Wild Mustang range on Whistle Creek Road. This is between Cody and Greybull and it is an open range that is dedicated to the wild mustangs. We saw some mustangs but had to look at them through binoculars so good pictures were not possible. They do not allow you to get close to them. We do have a couple of long shots included below. Since I have loved horses since I was a little girl, the trip was well worth it to me.

We also saw a pronghorn antelope standing in the middle of the road and we weren't sure if he was ever going to move out of our way. He just stood there staring at us for the longest time. But it did give us a chance to get some good pictures of him. Beautiful animal!

Unfortunately we did not see any black tailed prairie dogs that the brochure said lived on this same range. Seeing them would have been special. Maybe another time.

We got to talk to the grandchildren (and their Mom and Dad) tonight on Skype. That was special because it has been several days since we last talked. And we grandparents will suffer from withdrawal symptoms if we do not get to see and talk to them frequently. I just wish that Skype was a little more reliable than it is. The purchased version probably is better (we use the free one). But we get it done, even though sometimes we have to hang up and start over.

The rest of our day was spent just relaxing at the campground, except for a quick grocery run before dinner.

If all goes well, we are planning to go the rodeo tomorrow night. That should be fun!!

More later.

The long, long shots of a couple of wild mustangs (sorry they are a little fuzzy)

The pronghorn antelope

During our drive, we saw a little of this

And a LOT of this!!


  1. glad to hear that Cheyenne is on the mend!!!...that is great news!!

  2. Sure nice to hear Cheyenne is feeling better. It's always tough when a pet gets sick because they can't tell us what's wrong. It's terrific though when we see them start to get better and it's always a huge relief too.

  3. So happy to hear that Cheyenne is on the road to wellness! Glad you're havinf fun and seeing the frontier!
    Travel safe