Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Plans do Change!!

Well, plans are made to be changed I guess. Yesterday we had planned to stay around the campground and basically do mostly nothing. And that is what we did. However, we noticed that Cheyenne's eyes (actually the eyelids) had started swelling. This had us very concerned because she has never had this happen before. I put some cold cloths on her eyes to try to help the swelling.

Her eyes were still swollen this morning, but about the same as last night, so Charley took the truck in for an oil change as planned. Then he called me and indicated that we had a leak in the truck and he was going to have them determine what was wrong. So he was there a little longer than planned.

About 8:30AM, I called the vet here in Cody to make an appointment to take Cheyenne in to get her checked out but the swelling suddenly worsened and spread to the top of her nose, and it had large bumps in it. Well, needless to say this caused me to panic! So as soon as Charley got back to the campground he was loading up Cheyenne to take her in to get her checked immediately. And I have to hand out a BIG THANK YOU to the Lifetime Small Animal Clinic for taking her right in to see what we needed to do. The vet indicated that it is probably an allergic reaction to something she may have been digging at our campsite. So she got a shot with antibiotics, for possible infection, and it also had something in it for the swelling. Plus two types of tablets she is to begin taking tomorrow. Plus a solution to dab on the swollen areas. Plus some special shampoo to bathe her in. We are also to do a vinegar/water solution to pour over her after a bath that she will be getting tomorrow. And the vet asked us to call in the morning to let them know how she is. So we are watching her closely to make sure she doesn't scratch at it because it is obvious that it is itching. Sadie has not had a problem, thank goodness.

Now, back to the leak in the truck. After doing a coolant pressure test, they found two problems. One, there is a small leak in one of the radiator hoses and, two, the big issue, is that the water pump is also leaking. So, after Charley came home from the vet and he was able to update me on the status of the truck, we decided that we need to get both fixed now. Especially since we are headed to northern Montana to go to Glacier National Park. We do not want to get stranded in an area that has fewer places who could take care of us. The dealership here has the parts in stock and is going to take care of it for us Friday morning.

As you may remember, Sadie also goes in on Friday for her "fix it" surgery. So with two vet bills and the repairs/oil change for the truck, Charley says we are going to have to float a loan or get a job!!

Well, that is all of the excitement we can stand at once!! Hopefully the rest of today will be uneventful. We will make no further plans for sightseeing until after we see how Cheyenne is tomorrow.

A picture of our swollen Cheyenne
She is being a real trooper through all of this. She keeps trying to play with Sadie, but she is getting frustrated with her a little. And, of course, Sadie doesn't understand.....


  1. Please keep us posted on Cheyenne. Our prayers are with her to make a speedy recovery.

  2. hope Cheyenne is feeling better soon!..poor little pooch!!

  3. Oh Gee, when it rains, it pours. Vehicle problems are always a pain, but poor little Cheyenne! Please give her a big hug from us and tell her Bo and Laska want her all better soon. Please let us know how she is this morning.

  4. Awwwww my heart just aches seeing the picture of Cheyenne... I hate when our little fur babies are ailing! Hope she gets better really soon!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  5. Oh no, poor little Cheyenne!!!! Hope she is feeling better by now (I'm way behind in blogs).