Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday in Cody

We drove around Cody today just to check things out and decide what we wanted to see and do while we are here this week. We drove out to the Buffalo Bill Dam and took a few pictures of the surrounding scenery and tunnels.

We also drove past the Buffalo Bill Museum which we are definitely planning to visit again - we were there last year and decided that we wanted to come back and spend more time there. Planning to go on Tuesday.

We also checked out one of the visitor guides and there are rodeos every weeknight at 8:00PM. We are definitely planning to do this!!

We also saw where there are wild horses in a nearby area that we need to check into further to see if it is a must see. I (Sherry) love horses so we will probably do this as well.

Looks as if it may be a busy week here. We take Sadie to the Vet on Friday for her "fix" job (spaying). We have not told her yet - .....

We also got together with Greg and Jan White (fellow bloggers who are here at the same campground with us). Their blog is Our RV Adventures, which Charley has been keeping up with for quite a while. It was great to meet them and share some of our adventures and theirs. We hope to be able to get together with them once again before we all depart Cody.

Greg and Jan White

Cody Wyoming Scenery


  1. Love the photos... I know you'll be having a great time in that area... Always great catching up with our bloggin buddies!
    Have f un & Travel safe

  2. Boy, you folks are keeping busy. We're enjoying following you.

  3. Great photos. I'd love to visit the Buffalo Bill museum as well.

  4. Great pics! You all will certainly be busy while in the Cody area! Have tons of fun!!