Saturday, July 16, 2011

An Update from Custer

We went into Rapid City as planned on Thursday and got all of our errands taken care of. Stopped on the way back at the Red Ass Winery. Did the wine tasting routine and picked out three that we liked. And, yes, we came home with three bottles of wine!! Planning to open the first bottle tonight in front of a campfire!!

Went on the 1880 Train ride yesterday and it was fun. Train only traveled 10 MPH and it went from Hill City to Keystone and back. Saw a lot of the mountain scenery like wild flowers, trees and deer and a lot of the mountain homes that you cannot see from a road.

Also, have to mention that our daughter had a birthday yesterday. She hit her first milestone – 30!! Happy Birthday again Stacey!!

One other major accomplishment was completed yesterday. We finished our itinerary for the remainder of July and August. Will be going from here to Cody, staying there for a few days and then up to Glacier National Park where we will be for two weeks. This gets us out of the hubbub surrounding the motorcycle rally in Sturgis. Then we will make our way back to Custer, returning to the Broken Arrow campground until time to head for Gillette and the Escapades Rally. All reservations are in place so we can now sleep more soundly.

Planning to take care of some chores around the campground today, cleaning up the 5er, bathing the two fur babies, and napping!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

 Beautiful drive to Rapid City!!
 Updated picture of the Crazy Horse monument

The sign explains these two!!

 The 1880 Train in Hill City

Click on the Picture Below to see more pictures from the train ride.
1880 Train Ride


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