Thursday, July 21, 2011

Packing up and heading out!!

We spent some of yesterday preparing the 5er for our departure this morning. Otherwise we took it pretty easy. Charley did go to the Woodcarving Museum in Custer and found it to be very interesting.

This morning we finished up preparing for travel and headed out of Custer at about 9:00AM. It will take us 2 days to get to Cody  so we have stopped at Peter D's RV Park in Sheridan, WY for tonight. We stayed here for a couple of nights last year. It is a very small park, not fancy, but very convenient to I90.

We only have about 150 miles to travel tomorrow so will not be in a rush to get started in the morning. Maybe we can have an extra cup of coffee and a leisurely shower before we leave!!

Here are some pictures from the Woodcarving Museum and a couple of the Wyoming countryside.

Some very talented folks did these!!

Wyoming is pretty in its own way, amazing how the terrain changed when we crossed the state line!!


  1. Yes, those folks sure are talented! Beautiful woodcarving!
    Great pics of the snow capped mountains....sure do miss that area. Reading your blog has really got us wanting to return....maybe a trip in that direction is brewing!!!

  2. Such intricate woodcarvings- very talented folks.

  3. Hi Charlie & Sherry... I know you had a great time in Custer... one of my very favorite places to visit! Nice photos and the wood carving place looked very interesting. So many talented people! How was the RV Park with the new owners? Have fun on your next adventure and take lots of photos!!!
    Travel safe