Monday, August 29, 2011

Having Fun!!

We are into the Escapade routine and enjoying it very much. Charley went to a CCW class yesterday for three hours so that he can get a Florida concealed weapons license. We also went to the opening ceremonies and daily announcements/door prizes. I am sad to say that we have not won anything yet.... :(

Got up to rain this morning which we are enjoying!! We have seen very little rain since we have been on the road this time and we missed it!!

We also went to the evening entertainment last night and it was great!! Jimmy Travis, comedian and singer/songwriter performed. He was hilarious and we enjoyed it very much.

We are not planning a lot of activities today... Charley was on the go from daylight to after dark yesterday and he is pretty much wiped out right now so we are going to take it pretty easy today. And we pretty much ignored the fur babies yesterday too and they need some attention as well....

Charley is going to one class this afternoon, and we have a first time attendees social at 4:30 that we are planning to attend. And, of course, we will be going to see Gordy Pratt tonight after the evening announcements and door prize drawings.

So far this is a very active rally with lots going on. Should be a fun week!!


  1. Glad you're having fun and hope you win a door prise tonight!!!

  2. I don't think I've ever won anything!! Oh had lots of fun and that's what counts!!

  3. Glad it is going well. If you wanted rain, you could have joined us in Bangor Maine as Irene went thru the last few days:)

  4. Glad you are having fun! We plan to be at the rally on Thursday, just for the day. We need to get together!

  5. We're at the Rally as well and loved Jimmy Travis! We've maintained our perfect record and haven't won anything yet either! It would be fun to get together if we could find each other! We're always eager to meet new friends.

  6. Doug & Sheila - We would love to get together with you. Please call or email us and let's plan a place we can meet. Phone 803-518-3476, email