Thursday, September 1, 2011

Last Full Day of Escapade

Well, the Escapade is almost over :(..... We have continued to enjoy the activities since our last update. And we also visited the Too Crazy Ladies shop and got my license plate for my power chair. It has my name (Sherry) on it with four tiger paws!! Love it!!

We will be going to the Beyond Basics Picasa class today and the evening activities tonight we hope. Charley is being sworn in as an Elk Club member this evening and we hope it will be over in time.

Debbie and Duane Rowe are coming to Escapade just for today and we will be getting together with them to say hello again and then goodbye as we go our separate ways down the road. We certainly hope that we will meet up with them again real soon.


  1. The Beyond Basics course in Picasa should be interesting - hope you learn all kinds of neat, new features.