Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Day of Rally

Charley had to go to the rally sessions alone yesterday. I was down with another migraine. Not sure what is going on here. Haven’t had any of these for a very long time and now all of a sudden they are coming more frequently than ever. Will have to talk to doctor when I go for checkup in October.

There was the welcome, introductions of vendors, one session which Charley did not go to, and door prizes, so I did not miss much. Charley enjoyed himself and continues to run into people he knows through blogs!!

Today Charley and I went to one of the Geeks on Tour sessions on Picasa. We continue to learn more and more about this application and we fully intend to use it more and more. Geeks on Tour certainly knows a lot about it. We have joined their membership and have access to all of their tutorials, on all the subjects they cover for full timers.

Charley is at one of Nick’s sessions right now and then we will be going back for door prizes and the evening entertainment later today.

More later!!


  1. Great to hear you attended the Geek's sessions on Picasa - the more one learns about this program the more fun it is to work with.

  2. Sure hope you are feeling better!! Those headaches are NO fun!!
    Mike uses Picasa all the time and loves it! Now I guess I need to pay attention and learn a few things myself!! Have fun!!

  3. Migraines are no fun. I don't get too many of them anymore but they sure knock me down when they hit. Glad yours didn't last too long. Love your furbabies.

  4. Hope you feel better so you can enjoy the rally.