Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Migraines (yuk!)

Well, I spent yesterday fighting with a migraine headache all day and into the night. This will explain why you did not see a blog update for the day.

Today was spent recovering (for me). Charley did a couple of chores around the 5er and went to the Monaco factory tour this afternoon. He was very disappointed because nobody was working and it did not seem that they were doing anything!! He was expecting a lot more. He plans to visit at least one more manufacturer and we will see if the results are the same. Maybe this was just a bad day at Monaco.

Tomorrow we are driving the Heritage Trail and hope to see a lot of the Amish and Mennonite communities and shops/restaurants. We plan to take lots of pictures and will share tomorrow.

As always, safe travels to everyone.


  1. Wow surprised that no one was working at Monaco... Hope you're feeling better!!!
    Have fun

  2. Hope you feel better real soon. Those headaches are no fun!!

  3. Hope your migraine headache is gone by now! Makes me feel kind of wimpy for complaining about my head cold!