Sunday, September 18, 2011

Football Weekend

Well, you guessed it, we spent the entire weekend watching football!! How about them Clemson Tigers!! They beat Auburn, the national champion from last year. That alone made the weekend a great one!!

But, as I said, we spent a quiet weekend here at the campground doing pretty much NOTHING other than cooking our meals. Those types of weekends are pretty nice from time to time though, don’t you think?

We are planning to visit South Bend tomorrow (Monday) and see what the Notre Dame campus looks like. Our son-in-law is a big Notre Dame fan so we thought we would get some pictures for him. I imagine that it is a beautiful campus but we will see….

We are also planning to get our 5er all cleaned up and ready to travel again on Wednesday morning. Will be working on that tomorrow and Tuesday.

Safe travels everyone!!


  1. Lee says you will enjoy it. He is jealous! Love y'all!

  2. We will try to get some good pictures for him.

  3. Notre Dame is probably the #1 campus in all of the USA that I'd love to visit! Go Irish!

  4. Have a fun time at Notre Dame... we love visiting colleages too...
    Travel safe