Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mercer County Fairgrounds–Gypsy Journal Rally

We left Elkhart, IN yesterday around 10:00 and arrived here in Celina, OH at about 1:30. Had a little bit of trouble getting our rig into the site we were given but Charley managed it.

Everything is great except we cannot get our HD channels on our DirecTV satellite that we have installed on our rig. Talked to DirecTV and the trees here are our problem. We can pick up standard channels just fine but the dish is having trouble getting to the satellite that sends the HD channels. Charley is planning to set up our portable, tripod dish today after he picks up some additional wire. We will find a way!! Must have our DirecTV to survive!! Especially since football season is underway and Clemson/Florida State is going to be on!!

We were pretty bushed after working on the satellite for what seemed like hours but we got some rest last night and are ready to go today!!

Safe travels everyone!


  1. Don't those satellite dishes spoil us? And really annoy us when they don't work properly? Hope you get it all worked out without too much trouble! Enjoy the rally!!

  2. I wish you were still close, I have lots of Coax cable I would be glad to give you... Its left over from my satellite Internet days...I.e. (before air cards!)
    Enjoy the Rally!

  3. Those pesky satellites can be difficult to setup sometimes. Hope you get it resolved.