Thursday, February 11, 2010

Plans can change!!

Well, plans change but it is an adventure!! We arrived in Summerdale, AL yesterday (2/10). We found a place to get our Montana repaired under warranty today (2/11) so we will be spending two nights here in Summerdale.

If the weather does not prevent it, we are planning to leave here tomorrow headed for Livingston, TX with one more overnight stop on the way.

The weather is not good. It is cold, windy and we are hunkered down in the camper to stay warm. Cheyenne (our 5 month old dachshund puppy) is taking a nap right now on the heating pad and I (Sherry) am fighting for my share of it. The weatherman is still saying we might see some frozen stuff before this is over.

We are doing great and enjoying ourselves even though we had some unexpected problems.

Update - it is sleeting at 3:00 in the afternoon. Who knows where we may be tomorrow!!


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