Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cheyenne was Funny!!

It rained this morning and while Charley was working on some things on the fifth wheel Cheyenne (our 5 month old dachshund puppy) played in a mud puddle just like a little kid!! We have pictures and some video. She had her nose under water and was actually blowing bubbles a couple of times. She had a bath yesterday and, needless to say, got another one today. Mud from nose to tip of tail!! The pictures are hilarious....

Well, Charley got his pipe to hold the extra sewer hose installed today. He finally figured out how to do it and it worked!!

We went to the ice cream social at the campground tonight. Met a very nice couple who live here at this campground permanently. They were fulltimers for five years and had to give it up due to health issues. Told us to look them up the next time we pass through.

We have to get up and pack the camper in the morning to take it for inspection. Have to have that before Charley can take his driving test on Tuesday (hopefully). If he is able to take it then and passes we will be on our way to San Antonio right after that.


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