Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just an Ordinary Day

We had a little snow last night, just enough to cover the grass a little and it melted right away. Supposed to be cold again tonight and then start warming back up.

Cheyenne went next door and got her daily treat from the neighbor. Charley takes her out for her first walk of the day and that is where she wants to go!!

Charley did some work on the fifth wheel today. Put a rack on the back for transporting my wheelchair and installed a sensor porch light. Also had some valve extenders put on the truck so that he can check the air with less trouble.

Cooked a beef roast in the crock pot today. Yum!! Open faced hot roast beef sandwiches are one of my favorites!!

Otherwise not much going on, other than rest and relaxation.

We are ready to head for San Antonio and Charley has mapped out several places for us to visit while we are there.


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