Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We are on our way!!!

We left Blythewood, SC the morning of 2/8 and traveled to Pine Mountain, GA where we camped in the FDR state park for a couple of nights. This is a campground that is rather rustic but it is so peaceful and quiet, and very pretty. We decided to stop here for a couple of nights because we had been so busy working to get everything ready and needed a little rest and relaxation.

We are continuing our journey to Livingston Texas beginning tomorrow, 2/10.

The only things worthy of mention at this point is that we love it and each day is an adventure. We are learning new things about our fifth wheel that we did not know before as well as learning things to watch out for in our travels. Right now we are having a problem with one of our tank valves and will have to find a place to get it fixed. Looks like there is a dealer near our next overnight stop so maybe we can get it fixed in the next two or three days.


  1. be sure you go to San antonia, Its a fun place!!!

  2. We went there about 10 years ago and yes, it is a beautiful city.