Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Successful Day!!

We are now fully licensed and registered residents of the state of Texas as of today!! Charley took his Class B drivers test and passed as I knew he would. The weather actually held off this morning so we could get this taken care of. It is now raining and sleeting so we got it done just in time. I still have to take that test but can do it later after I get some practice under my belt. In the meantime I am licensed to drive the truck.

Charley says that now, when he gets his (John Wayne) ten gallon hat he will be a real Texan!! He already has his boots and large "Texas Lonestar" belt buckle. Oh my, I will have to watch him.....

We went to lunch at the campground again today. Had chili dogs, cole slaw, chips and dessert. Met another very nice couple from Massachusetts who are doing this part time. Got some good campground information from them that will be helpful.

Cheyenne is a little hyper today, having to stay in too much due to the weather. She loves being outside and it helps her to use up all that energy she has!!

We are still planning to stay here in Livingston until Saturday and then travel over to San Antonio for a couple of weeks.


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