Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Hectic Day

Sherry is now a licensed driver in the state of Texas but only for the truck with no fifth wheel attached!

We found out when we arrived this morning that we have to take the written and driving test due to the weight of our truck and fifth wheel combined. Charley got the little handbook (it has been a very long time!!) so he could look it over before taking the test. And we are going to see what they do on Charley's driving test before Sherry makes plans to take it. Charley does the majority of the driving anyway..... He is going in the morning for the written test and then back on Friday for the driving test (if he passes okay) .... Once we see how that goes then we will decide how much practice Sherry needs before actually taking the test. She can drive it on major highways but backing and turning will require practice. Oh well.

We are now waiting on the DirecTV technician to get here to connect us so that our lives can get somewhat back to normal. It is amazing how much having TV means.... more later.

Well, we just finished a quick dinner after the DirecTV guy finished up. Hurray, we have TV!!

Now maybe our lives will seem more normal.


  1. I would love to see u take the test Mom...u can do it!! Love you guys and miss you a bunch!!!!

  2. Glad to know you have faith.... not too sure that I do. We love and miss you too!!