Saturday, February 27, 2010

Travel to San Antonio

We packed up early this morning and were on the road to San Antonio at 9:00 AM. Made several stops along the way and arrived at 3:30. This campground (Braunig Lake RV Resort) is very nice. The people we have met so far that work here at the campground are all extremely nice and helpful. All sites have a concrete pad with a patio. They have free Wi-Fi and that is great, and it really is free. And cable TV!! Good thing since we cannot get the DirecTV connection to work yet. Charley is going to work on that more tomorrow.

We had one accident with the kitchen slide-out. One of my small pictures fell while we were traveling and when we opened the slide-out the picture got trapped and popped the wood trim off. Simple repair that Charley can handle to nail it back on. Thank goodness the piece of wood didn't break!! The picture frame is easily replaced.

Charley has already found out about at least one place where he can check on his "John Wayne" ten gallon hat. He was told that he could not wear a straw cowboy hat before April 1 but he is going to pretend (since he is a new Texan) that he didn't know about that!! This will complete his cowboy attire for now (although he is now talking about a western shirt). We'll see......

Went to dinner at IHOP. We were both in the mood for some breakfast food and coffee. It was good.

We are both pooped but planning to rest tomorrow so that we can start doing some sightseeing starting Monday.

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  1. Get you a stetson(black or White) an you will fit right in and you need a bbbig belt buckel. the bigger the better.
    enjoy Sherry blogs.
    Jim Ross