Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Hot Day!!

Our two night stop was the right thing to do. We were much more rested for our trip today and didn’t get testy with each other (which is a good thing!) :-)

We are just north of Kansas City, at the Basswood Resort in Platte City, Missouri. It is still extremely hot and we are now waiting for the 5er to finish cooling down from the trip. We got here about 3:30 today. It was really strange traveling down the interstate through Kansas City. A storm cloud could be seen from the interstate but only a drop or two of rain fell. However, the temperature dropped 10 degrees (to 89) for just a few minutes…. Wish that it had stuck there!! We could see that it was raining off in the distance and were wishing it would fall on us!!

This campground is very nice. In the country, very quiet except for an occasional plane taking off and landing at the Kansas City airport. That will not bother us at all. We are just planning to chill out (bad choice of words) until the morning.

We made a reservation at the R & R Campground in Mitchell, South Dakota for tomorrow through Sunday night. Not going to travel over the weekend except maybe on some day trips. The Sturgis (town in western portion of South Dakota) Motorcycle rally is going on through Sunday, 8/15. We decided that we would be taking a chance on trying to find a place to stay while this was going on so we will wait until the beginning of next week to move on.  From what I checked on the internet, it looks like Mitchell may be a pretty nice place to stay and there are plenty of what look like good eating establishments we can choose from if we are interested. It is hard to do that when you are out in the country like we have been the last couple of days!!

Still no pictures that are really worth sharing yet but I am sure there will be some once we get into South Dakota!! Stay tuned!!