Saturday, August 28, 2010

Busy Couple of Days

We visited Sheridan, Wyoming yesterday and it is really a very nice place. Much larger than we realized at first. We saw the Sheridan Inn that was built by Buffalo Bill. It has recently been renovated and is a gorgeous place. We were told that they would soon be opening it back up to the public. We walked around downtown and visited the Don King Museum (world famous saddle maker). The King Saddlery had some for sale and wow!! We did not realize how expensive they could be. Some were over $3000!! But they were beautiful. We also visited a few of the shops and they were nice. Went to a jeans store too that claimed to have over 100 sizes of jeans but they still didn’t have any to fit my skinny little behind…. I will keep looking.

We also got a couple of good pictures of some elk that were grazing in a park in the outskirts of Sheridan. Take a look at those horns!!

Today we left Sheridan at about 9:00 and arrived at Bear Canyon Campground in Bozeman, MT at around 2:30. We are only stopping here for the night and then will be heading for Deer Lodge, MT. We are planning to stay there for a few days. We took one side trip on the way here to see the Little Big Horn Battlefield and the site of Custer’s Last Stand.

It is currently 56 degrees here and we have the heat on. Quite a change from 100 degrees that one day in Custer, SD!! The weather bug tells us that we are in for some very cool (to us anyway) temperatures.

The Sheridan Inn

The Elk Family in the Park

Check out the saddles and ropes!

Little Big Horn


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