Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mitchell, South Dakota

Our first day here was very nice. The temperature right now is 72 with a forecast of 55 for the low tonight. What a welcome change from the steamy temperatures we left behind!! And from what Charley checked in the Yellowstone area, we are going to be glad we brought along some cold weather clothing on this trip!! They are forecasting a low of 41 at Yellowstone tonight. Can you believe the difference??

After grocery shopping early this morning, we went into Mitchell and visited the Mitchell Corn Palace. What a fascinating place!! There are murals both inside and outside the building that are done strictly with various colors of ears of corn along with the corn plant, used in a number of ways. You can see examples of this in the pictures I am attaching.

And there could not possibly be a more appropriate part of the country for this palace to be located, based on all the corn fields we saw on our drive here!! Another unusual thing is that you can tour this facility FREE. Can you imagine? How many places do you know of that are absolutely free? And they provide guided tours and videos as well. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were more places like this? Guess they depend on their food/snack and gift shop sales. All of the areas that are done using corn are redone every year and finished in early July. The video we watched said that there are 100 acres of land designated to support a corn crop for this update each year.

We also (Charley just had to see it) visited Cabela’s. This is a store that is a lot like the Bass Pro Shop. They sell hunting, fishing and boating supplies primarily. Charley concluded that he likes Bass Pro Shops better.

We spent the rest of the day just relaxing until time to fix dinner. Had barbequed pork chops, rice, salad and Texas Toast. We really enjoyed this home cooked meal – been a few days since we have had one…

Planning to do some maintenance (cleaning) on the 5er and F450 tomorrow and get ready to move farther west on Monday. Not planning to spend the entire day on this, must have time for a nap!!

We also have to finalize the campground we want to stay in for a week or more in western South Dakota. We have it narrowed down to two that have been recommended to Charley through his research. We will get that decision made tomorrow and check on reservations.

These are pictures of some of the farmland that we saw on our trip from Mulberry Grove to Mitchell. Miles and miles and miles of corn and soybean fields and farms.

The Mitchell Corn Palace - These are just a few of the pictures we took and they really do not do justice to the fascinating workmanship/artistry of this place.


And last, but not least…….Charley and Cheyenne out for a walk...