Monday, August 23, 2010

Crazy Horse Memorial and Custer State Park

Another day of sightseeing today. Returned to the scenic drives through Custer State Park and mostly looked today. We took so many pictures on our first trip through there that we felt we had missed some things. And we were right!! Beautiful scenery and lots of wildlife!!

Cheyenne did get up close and personal with the burros on our drive through Custer State Park today.

The Crazy Horse Memorial is something. It is actually a work in progress with only the face of Crazy Horse completed so far. We saw workers up on the monument today and they looked like little ants. Makes me appreciate Mount Rushmore even more after seeing this. You will see a picture below that will show the current monument with a sculpture that depicts what it will look like when completed.

We watched a film when we first arrived and then toured all of the facilities at the memorial. It was very interesting seeing the folks actually working on some of the Native American arts and crafts that were for sale.

Tomorrow is a work day. Have to get 5er cleaned up and ready to travel on Wednesday. Still working on what our next stop will turn out to be. Should be finalizing that tomorrow. We do know that we will be stopping by Devil’s Tower on our way.

Keep those comments coming please!! It helps us to get your input and feedback since we are so new to full-timing.

Crazy Horse Memorial

And last ‘but not least’ Cheyenne resting in the sun after our long day!!

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  1. The Crazy Horse Memorial is one of the most amazing sights we've ever seen! It's just huge. I often wonder about it and whether or not it will ever be finished.