Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It is HOT!!

Jim Ross, Charley told me you were ready for our daily updates again. So, this one is for you and I will try my best to get back on a daily routine!! Thank you so much for following us in our travels!!

Our first two days back on the road again were pretty uneventful. Since one of our primary goals, other than getting out to Yellowstone, is to get to a cooler climate, we are travelling pretty hard and not stopping for long stretches.

On Monday we made it to right outside Knoxville, Tennessee and stayed at the Escapees campground at Raccoon Valley. This is a very basic campground whose main goal seems to be just providing their members with a place to stop along the way. Nothing very special that we could see in our one night there. Saw a lot of beautiful mountain scenery along the way but didn’t stop for any pictures. We will wait and do that when we actually go into the Smokies for a REAL visit.

Yesterday we travelled, including all of our fuel, puppy and bathroom stops, about 11 hours. WAY TOO LONG, won’t do that again. We were both getting a little testy before we finally stopped at the Timber Lakes Campground in Mulberry Grove, Illinois. We covered Tennessee, Indiana and Illinois in one day!! Still no pictures to really speak of but I will check them later today to see if any are worth posting and add them with our next update. We will be staying one more night here in Mulberry Grove  to get rested from yesterday before we head out again. Planning to double back a little and go through St. Louis, Missouri so we can at least see the Arch on our way. That, again, will be visited more later in cooler temps. Checked the weather in South Dakota and looks like the temps are down into the 50’s at night (that is cooler don’t you think?)

More later today or tomorrow…….