Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wall Drug and the Badlands National Park in Wall, South Dakota

We started our day today with breakfast! Scrambled eggs and toast. Had to fuel ourselves up because we were heading out for a rather long drive through the badlands. Also made sandwiches for lunch and packed a cooler.

We first went to visit Wall Drug and walked through all the various stores that are a part of it. Fascinating place. They do it all there, sell almost anything and feed you so you will stay a long time!! :-) Charley and I bought a Badlands tee-shirt as our souvenir of this visit and Charley got himself a Badlands back scratcher also. I am sure I will probably use that too from time to time. Pictures attached.

We then, with Cheyenne, headed out on our drive through the badlands. I drove today and gave Charley a break. He takes better pictures than I do anyway so this made sense. This scenery is absolutely awesome. It is incredible what nature can do if we humans just leave it alone!! With our binoculars we were able to see buffalo in the grassy valleys of the badlands, just little black specks to the naked eye. We could also see some farms and cattle scattered within these valleys. I have to say I admire our farmers in this country, especially farmers like these who are so far away from everything!!

We stopped at several of the scenic overlooks in the park and had lunch at our last stop before heading back to the campground.

It is really hard to describe the badlands with words so we will let the pictures tell this story. Attaching several that we hope you will enjoy.

We will be leaving Wall tomorrow morning, heading for Custer, SD and the Broken Arrow campground. We are less than 100 miles from there so this will be a short drive. We will be there for at least one week to see all the many sights in that area.

Wall Drug

The Badlands – words are not necessary


  1. Beautiful photos of the Badlands! Sure brought back some great memories for me. Next to the Grand Canyon, I think the Badlands is the next best thing we've seen in our travels.

  2. It is a very unique area and such awesome scenery!! Have fun!
    The Black Hills are equally awesome...its just great country.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)