Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Almost Ready to Hit the Road Again!!

We are planning to leave for Yellowstone next week, Monday or Tuesday is the plan at this point in time.

All repairs to the 5er have been completed and all new tires/wheels are installed with sensors on the camper. Charley will be installing sensors on the truck also before we leave. Repairs to the 5er look good and we now feel whole again.

Cleanup chores have started and will be continuing throughout the rest of this week in preparation for our departure. In the meantime we are staying with our son and his family.

Charley’s Dad is with his sisters this week and enjoying his stay in his hometown. He made the comment to Charley that his older son had taken his truck and left him barefoot (too funny!!) but his sister is taking him wherever he needs to go. My father-in-law is something else!!

Once we get back on the road my plan is to get back on our blog daily to provide updates and pictures. Thank you to everyone who has stayed tuned, been patient, and kept checking on us. Just a few more days to go!!