Friday, August 13, 2010

Cooler Weather, Finally!!

We left Platte City, Missouri this morning about 8:30 and arrived in Mitchell, South Dakota at about 5:30. Another long travel day but we did not have many campgrounds to choose from between those two places. We took our time and made quite a few stops so we were not too, too tired when we arrived. And, guess what?? The temperature was only 83 when we got here!! Hurray for small miracles!! It is suppose to get down to around 62 tonight. Now we can slow down a little!! :-) Quite an improvement over 100, don’t you think?

The drive here was somewhat boring. Miles and miles and miles of corn fields, soybean fields and farms. All beautiful scenery but too much of a good thing….

Planning to stay in Mitchell for three nights, leaving Monday morning for western South Dakota. Planning to tour the badlands, go by Wall Drug Store and may spend the night in Wall, SD. We have not decided for sure yet. There is a lot to see in the western part of South Dakota so we will probably be spending at least one week there, if not longer.

Pictures will be posted starting tomorrow.