Monday, March 1, 2010

The Alamo and Buckhorn Saloon

We went to downtown San Antonio today and visited the Alamo and the Buckhorn Saloon. The day turned out to be pretty nice with the biggest issue being the strong winds. Nevertheless it was awesome to visit the Alamo again. We took lots of pictures and attached are a couple of the Alamo and one of the Buckhorn.

We also stopped at a couple of places and looked at cowboy hats for Charley. We are not going to buy until we see what the small towns we plan to visit have to offer.

Cheyenne went with us and stayed in the truck while we were sightseeing. She was an angel and did not bother anything!! We hated to leave her cooped up in the fifth wheel for half the day. If she continues to be good we will do this all of the time until it gets too hot.

We are planning to go to visit a couple of the small western towns tomorrow to see what they are all about. We are really hoping that they are real old time western towns. Not sure but maybe we will go to Fredericksburg too. It is an old German town near San Antonio.

We plan to wait until later this week to take our boat ride on the Riverwalk. The weather is supposed to warm up. We are planning to do this at night so a little warmer would be nice.

Fixed a quick dinner of BBQ pork chops, rice and salad tonight. That hit the spot!!

Maybe we will report that we found Charley's cowboy hat tomorrow. Who knows??


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