Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Betty's RV Park

We got a replacement for the HDMI cable but we have decided not to hook up the satellite until we get to Florida. We will use cable until then. Charley is going to see if he can get the procedure down but if it continues to take a long time to do we will order a 'bird dog' to help.

Now Betty's RV Park is the place to really meet people!! She has a happy hour every day at 4:30 and everyone comes. Some bring munchies and you bring your own drink. It is enjoyable to share travel experiences with others and see what they have learned and where they have been. Most of the folks here this week have been full timing for a while and are much more experienced than we are so we listen a lot!!

We did go out to dinner to a local seafood restaurant, the Riverfront, last night with about 10 others from the park. Very good food and excellent company.

We are planning to have pork chops for dinner tonight but not sure how we are going to prepare them yet. First time we have cooked since we arrived here.

We will be pulling up stakes and moving on to New Orleans in the morning.

Happy Hour

Dinner at the Riverfront Restaurant


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