Saturday, March 27, 2010

Panama City Beach

We drove over to Panama City Beach yesterday to see more beaches and see if there was anywhere that would allow Cheyenne to go on the beach. Good news is that the beaches are beautiful. Bad news is that Cheyenne cannot try it out. Pets appear to be off limits everywhere. Will have to wait until we get back to a SC beach I guess. Until then we will have to find other water for her to play in.

Panama City Beach and Destin (which is between FT Walton Beach and Panama City) are more tourist oriented than FT Walton Beach. Lots of shopping, including large centers and outlets as well as small specialty shops. Destin has a lot to offer in the way of restaurants so if we decide to eat out again before we leave that is probably where we will go.

Charley is still not feeling all that great so we will probably stay close to the campground today. He does plan to go look those planes over sometime today and I know he will enjoy that!!

I have attached some pictures from New Orleans (promised several days ago) and others from Florida. Will update again later today or in the morning.

New Orleans - Steamboat on the Mississippi River, Superdome, French Quarter

FT Walton Beach

Panama City Beach


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