Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Long Sightseeing Day

We went to Corpus Christi, Padre Island and the King Ranch today. It took us almost 9 hours start to finish and we are both exhausted.

It was an interesting day. Even though we did not actually tour the King Ranch we got to see enough to get an idea. It was very warm today and we had Cheyenne with us and decided it was too risky to leave her in the truck long enough to do the tour. We also visited the King Ranch Saddle Shop and the King Ranch museum.

We saw the Gulf coast at Padre Island. The water was very rough today and the tide was in so we didn't drive on the beach.

And Corpus Christi is a fairly big city. Lots of oil refineries in the area.

We have both decided that day trips this long will not be in our future unless they cannot be avoided for some reason.....

We had breakfast at the Cracker Barrel and went out for dinner tonight at a Mexican restaurant that was recommended to us. Both were very good.

We plan to go for our boat ride at Riverwalk tomorrow evening.


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