Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rainy Day

Today was rainy until late this afternoon with temperatures in the mid-sixties. Good thing we had planned to stay in for the day.

Charley is feeling a little better and we did get the 5er cleaned up today. Not before it needed it though!! It looks so much better.

We both had a nap this afternoon, much needed I must say....

Cheyenne had limited walks due to the rain so she had a lot of energy this evening. But she finally played with her toys until she tired herself out. Oh to be young again!!

We went out to a local seafood restaurant for dinner tonight. Had fish and shrimp and it was very good. This was a really small place that has been in Ft Walton Beach for a long, long time.

We may drive down to Panama City tomorrow and look around. We'll see how Charley is feeling in the morning and then decide.


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