Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First Day in Ft Walton Beach

Today we were busy trying to get a few things taken care of. Had to do laundry before we ran out of clothes!! Also, had to get into a somewhat heated discussion with Walmart about my prescriptions. Somehow they have lost some of them and even when I got on the phone and found the store number where they were last filled and the phone number, they contacted the wrong store!! We finally got that straight but my refills are still missing in action from the online pharmacy where I order..... Planning to check over the next few days and see if they show up again. Have not had a problem up until now. I am suspicious that the store in Livingston, Texas may have messed something up.

Cheyenne got into trouble last night, just like a child!! Someone complained that she ran up to the edge of the road barking at them and caused them to almost fall off their bicycle. They called the office and complained and someone stopped by to let us know. Cannot imagine being afraid of a dog as small as she is. And her bark is really just a squeak, nothing ferocious!! Oh well, some folks just don't like animals and I guess this was one of those..... Anyway, we are leashing her so that she cannot get all the way to the edge of the road now.

We like Ft Walton Beach so far. We are planning to go to the beach tomorrow for a short visit and not do much of anything else but rest. Charley has a cold and is feeling really worn out right now so he needs some R&R time. We have to get rested up because we have to have a big camper cleaning day this week, top to bottom....

The air force base here has a bunch of different airplanes on display that Charley is anxious to go see up close. We will do that sometime this week also. Most of these are the older planes that the air force has used.

We do like this campground. The biggest drawback is that they don't have some of the amenities that public campgrounds have, like a dining room/restaurant, pool that sort of thing. But that is not a big deal for us. The laundry facilities could be better. We did our laundry at a laundromat in town. More expensive but much quicker than it would have been here.

Still more to come.....


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