Monday, March 8, 2010

Rainy, Rainy Day

Spent today at the campground. Rainy and cloudy/windy all day. Not a good day for sightseeing, that's for sure.

We did make all of our reservations for the remainder of this trip and that makes us feel better.

We are planning to go to King Ranch, Galveston and Padre Island tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be really nice for the next few days. Then we will probably go for our Riverwalk boat ride Wednesday night.

I think Charley is planning to take me out to dinner Thursday night for my birthday. I think steak would be in order.....

Cooked a big breakfast this morning, bacon, eggs, grits and toast and it was so good. Been a while since we have cooked a large breakfast. Had BBQ pork chops tonight with salad, rice and bread and that was good too.

Cheyenne continues to enjoy her walks and romps in the puddles, rain and tall grass. She is going to miss this when we get back to SC.


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