Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hat and Shoe Shopping!

We did not make it to the little towns today. Decided to wait because it was really cold and windy this morning.

And, I was wrong!! We did not wait until we got to the little towns for the cowboy hat. We went to Herb's Hat Shop and he got two!! One for winter and one for summer wear. He has to stay in fashion you know..... The summer one is straw but my favorite is the black felt one he got. Needless to say he is happy!! Now all we have to do is figure out how and where we are going to store them so they will not get smushed!!

We also bought new sneakers for both of us. The ones we had were about to fall apart!!

Then just a quick grocery run and hanging around the campsite.

Planning to do steaks and potatoes and salad tonight. Yum again!!

Going to some of the little towns tomorrow. Anxious to see whether or not those that are proclaimed to be real western towns really are or not. Also looking forward to Fredericksburg, it is supposed to be a neat place (German town). If we get good pictures we will share a couple.


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