Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sightseeing in Oklahoma City

First, I want to mention that recently someone from Quebec, Canada sent me an email asking for advice on full-timing from someone who is new to it. Her name is Andree Faucault and the email address she used was I have tried every variation of this address that I could come up with and none are working. Andree, if you see this please send another note with a correct address and I will be glad to share with you.

Now, my update……

We went to see the site of the Oklahoma City Bombing and the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum today. Visiting the site of the bombing brought back many memories of when that occurred and how frightening it was. The memorial that this city has constructed is beautiful. I hope that the pictures that I am attaching will help describe it better than I can in words. It is actually built on the site of the building that was destroyed. It is so sad to see the wall where memorabilia have been left to honor those who lost their lives that day.

We enjoyed visiting the Cowboy museum also. Part of this museum is dedicated to artwork depicting the old west and part of it actually houses artifacts from that period in our history. One section, the part dedicated to native Americans, was closed so we missed that. And, lucky us, it turns out that effective 9/1/2010 they started not charging admission on Wednesday’s and we picked a Wednesday to go!!

Cheyenne got to tour both of these with us and rode in the wheelchair with me (lazy, huh?). She is such an angel of a puppy though. Not a sound and friendly with everyone!! She certainly helps us meet new people everywhere we go!!

We will be leaving for Little Rock, Arkansas in the morning for a one night stay and then on to Memphis for two nights after that. On our way east to spend the next few months with family. Cannot wait to see those grandkids (and kids) of ours!!

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Be glad to answer any questions for you if you have plans to visit here soon.

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

And I had to include a picture of John Wayne, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans!! There were many others also honored.


  1. Looks like we'll have to put the Cowboy Museum on our "To Do" list.

  2. Both look to be very interesting sites - for very different reasons of course. Thanks for posting all the pics.

  3. Super interesting! Who knew a cowboy museum even existed!