Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Still in Salt Lake City

Well, we have not done much in the way of sight seeing yet in Salt Lake City but plan to tomorrow. Our F450 (Silver) needed a bath and so did Cheyenne so that is what we took care of today. Yesterday we had to do some shopping to restock after having the kids for a week so we did see a little of the area then. We took a quick tour of the city and did see the church/cathedral that is the home of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. That is a beautiful place!

We plan to go for a drive around Salt Lake City tomorrow with particular attention being paid to the Salt Lake. Then we will be starting on our trip home.

After checking on campgrounds on the route we had planned to take through Cheyenne and then down to Denver we have changed that plan. There just do not seem to be many campgrounds between Salt Lake City and Cheyenne and 400+ miles is more than we are willing to travel in one day. So our tentative plan is to go from here to Grand Junction and then to Denver and then east from there. But stay tuned!! It could change again.

And I promise more pictures tomorrow night after our sight seeing trip!!


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