Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our Last Day in Salt Lake City

We did our sight seeing in Salt Lake City today. We went to Antelope State Park to see the best views of the great Salt Lake. Got some pretty nice pictures while we were there. And, believe it or not, we also found more Pronghorn and Buffalo along the way!! :-)

We also went back downtown to get better pictures of Temple Square and the home of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The pictures from earlier this week were not very good. It was raining but we managed to get a few fairly good pictures.

Charley also got a couple of pictures of a beautiful sunrise over the Wasatch Mountains.
Salt Lake City is a typical large city with lots of traffic! We will be glad to get back into the small town, scenic environment.

And, believe it or not again, we did change our plans once again and we will be going to Cheyenne after all. We are going to break our rule and travel about 400 miles tomorrow which will be a very long day for us. We are only going to spend one night in Cheyenne and then travel on to Denver. We are planning to go to the Escapees Rally in Gillette, Wyoming next year and will spend more time in Cheyenne and the surrounding area then.

We are going out to dinner after our trip downtown and then coming back to rest up for tomorrow.

The sunrise

Antelope State Park / Salt Lake

 Downtown Salt Lake City


  1. After seeing your great pics of Antelope St. Park and Great Salt Lake, I'm wishing we had taken the time to visit there in April. Could have, but now I'll definitely put it on our list for next time.

  2. Love the pictures! Joyce