Thursday, September 2, 2010

Deer Lodge, Montana to Tetonia, Idaho

We spent yesterday cleaning the camper and truck up a little. Today was spent travelling to Idaho. We are now in Tetonia, Idaho at the Teton Mountainview RV Park and what an appropriate name!! We can see the Grand Tetons right out our front door/window!! The tops are white with snow.

The temperature when we left Deer Lodge was 33 and the passenger door on our truck was frozen so she had to be warmed up before we could get it open. Guess she is just too accustomed to warm weather!! Her name is Silver by the way…..

The landscape changed quite a bit during our drive here. We started out with the Montana rolling hills, hayfields and farms with mountains in the background. Then after we got into Idaho everything was at first very desolate and we thought maybe we had made a mistake in planning to stay here. But it soon changed to lots of farmland, farms/ranches with cattle and horses, wheat fields and potato fields. The light (sort of beige) color of the wheat fields mixed with the dark lush green of the potato fields made for a very nice view. And as you can see above, the view of the Tetons that we have is special!!

Seems we are in a pretty good location for seeing quite a few sites while we are here. We are not far from Idaho Falls, Jackson Hole and the Grand Teton National Park. Looking forward to visiting all three of these plus any more we can find.

A few pictures are attached from our drive here. Hope you enjoy them.

Lakes and Streams (locals call them rivers)

The Grand Tetons (sorry, a little hazy)

Last, but again, not least!! Cheyenne in her Clemson cap getting ready for FOOTBALL!!


  1. Hi Ho Silver..away..great shots of the Grand Tetons!!!..can hardly wait to see more!!

  2. Nice pics of the Tetons. We've missed that area in our travels but it's certainly on our list of places to see.