Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yellowstone - Day 3

We got started on our day 3 tour of Yellowstone around 10:30 this morning and got back to the 5er around 4:45. Our primary objective was to take the kids to see the upper and lower falls, the Yellowstone Grand Canyon and Yellowstone Lake and we accomplished that. How beautiful!! All of them!!

An added bonus was that we saw more animals. We saw a golden mantled squirrel and a chipmunk along with more bison and elk, many more!! Still have not run into any bear, wolves or coyotes but maybe that is a good thing…. :-) Soon after we got back we made a run for pizza for dinner, worked with Jed on some of his homework assignments and then called it a day.

Planning to stick around the 5er tomorrow. We may try to see a little more of West Yellowstone. Maybe save time for a nap???….

Hope you like the pictures from today!

More animal sightings!!

The Upper and Lower Falls and Yellowstone Grand Canyon

Yellowstone Lake

The Kids, including Cheyenne



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