Thursday, September 23, 2010

Travel to Cheyenne, Wyoming

Well, we spent the better part of today on the road. Left Salt Lake City around 8:15 this morning and arrived at A. B. Camping RV Park at 4:30. This is a very nice, family owned campground. The owners are very friendly and helpful. They also run a BBQ restaurant as a part of their business and we just had to check it out for dinner tonight. It was delicious!! We have not eaten our desserts yet, homemade banana cream and chocolate pie!! Will make a very good bedtime snack. I am sure they will be delicious too….

The drive from Salt Lake City to Cheyenne was sort of boring. The scenery was pretty much the same for 90% of the trip which makes for a long day. I have attached pictures of what we found interesting. The one part of the trip that we found the most interesting was some of the hills and the wind erosion that has occurred. Some of the areas looked very similar to the badlands of South Dakota. For the most part though, the southern Wyoming countryside is pretty desolate. No crops or anything like that, just hay fields in some places. We did see a lot of cattle, some horses and a few herds of Pronghorn deer. But no buffalo this time!! :-) The scenery did improve as we got closer to Cheyenne, as you will see in the last 3-4 pictures.
The wind was extremely strong for our entire drive here. Fortunately it was tail winds. That helped our fuel mileage for this leg of our trip!!

We will be leaving for Denver in the morning and hope to be there for a couple of days. Charley is checking on a campsite now. We are also hoping to be able to visit with Charley’s first cousin, maybe do dinner with her and her family, while we are there, if schedules work out okay.

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  1. It may have been a boring drive but at least you got to your next destination safely!