Monday, September 13, 2010

Yellowstone – Day 1

The kids arrived safe and sound!! Flights were all on time and we got back to the campground about 4:30. Had to make a couple of stops along the way to feed and water.

Our first day of touring Yellowstone yesterday was a long one. About 7 hours!! We did not intend for this to be the case because the kids were tired from their trip but….. it just worked out that way. We did see an awful lot of stuff. There is some road construction going on right now that slowed things down a little bit.

First things first…Pepaw and Stacey had to make a pit stop to get Jed a cowboy hat like his Pepaw. I don’t think he will take it off the whole time he is here!

We drove from the west entrance into the loop that goes from Norris to Canyon Village to Tower-Roosevelt to Mammoth Hot Springs and back to Norris. We also took a side trip to Gardiner to see the most famous stone entrance to the park (see picture below).

The first thing we saw was a male and female elk a few minutes after entering the park. The male was in rut and chasing the female. She kept jumping in the water to get away….very interesting! Lee says it was a 6 by 6 buck (or what we would call a 12 point?!). He wished he had his shotgun!

We saw lots and lots of buffalo (or bison). We did get to see one really up close as we had to stop while it crossed the road! We also saw some birds that you normally wouldn’t see in SC.

We stopped in Canyon Village and went into a museum so that Jed could learn a little bit about what he may see while visiting here. We got some brochures that he can share with his class when he gets back to school.

The kids also took a hike up a hill to see Mammoth Springs. Stacey said that she was not doing that again because her chest was on fire!!

We got back to the campground at about 5. We went and ate dinner at the Three Bear Restaurant. It was a pretty early night for everyone since we had such a long day.

We plan to go to see Old Faithful on day 2…so look for more to come!



  1. looks like you all had a very good day..keep the pictures coming!!!

  2. The pictures are great! It looks like you had a great time.