Thursday, September 30, 2010

Travel to Little Rock, Arkansas

We left Oklahoma City at 8:30 this morning an arrived here in Little Rock at around 3:30 this afternoon. Staying at the Downtown Riverside RV Park, a very small campground in downtown Little Rock. It is an okay place for a one night stay, no cable, no sewer connections and none of the amenities we have grown accustomed to. But for an overnight it is fine.

The drive here was VERY boring. I-40 did not offer much in the way of scenery, mostly just trees between the exits…. ho, hum. We did not think we would ever say it but, the plains of Colorado and Kansas were much more interesting!! Needless to say there are no pictures to share tonight…..

We will be packing up and heading for Memphis in the morning and will be there for three nights. Several things we plan to see there so the pictures will be returning soon!!


A note to everyone who has joined us as blog and network blog (facebook) followers since we started this adventure…. THANK YOU!! We appreciate you travelling along with us. We also enjoy and appreciate all the nice and at times very helpful comments that keep coming our way. My apologies for not saying thank you sooner!!


  1. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about your stay in Memphis. I'm guessing we just might be seeing some Elvis pics!

  2. Keep us posted about Memphis, we're headed that way if we ever get out of Millersburg. Travel safe.

  3. Memphis is a great place, you will enjoy it.